Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

“Nimewapasha ya kutosha”: Vera Sidika slams haters

“Nimewapasha ya kutosha”: Vera Sidika slams haters.

Vera Sidika has clearly had enough of her haters. In her Insta stories rant, Vera Sidika spoke her mind on how she is over all the negative comments people make about how she lives her life.

In her Insta rant she talks about the same people who hate on her business, being the same people who don’t even buy from her business. She emphasized that her haters love to talk the moment she is spotted wearing a foreign brand, unlike when she wears clothes fully made by Kenyans.

Just yesterday Vera had revealed that she was importing all her child’s clothes from the US and the UK. This did not sit well with netizens who bashed her for not supporting local businesses. Vera Sidika was not here for the allegations as shown on her Insta rant.

Vera claims that she has been spending all her money in Kenya and that several of her items are from Kenya. She also said that Kenyans cannot expect her to buy clothes that a lot of people have worn in the name of “support.”

In the statement she explained that it is not a must for someone to suffer so that people can be happy that they look like they are suffering. Which is why she loves Nigerians who live life to the fullest as they won’t suffer for this life ooo!

Anyway, she added that she wants to die knowing she has enjoyed this life to the fullest, coz in the end whether you are humble or not, the moment you go broke people will still laugh at you, and nobody will help you!!! They’ll all run.

Vera Sidika getting angry about how Kenyans define support is not the first case of a celebrity ‘s rant. Elsa Majimbo and Victoria Kimani have also in the past had issues.


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