Nigerian Man Arrested for Murder and Dismemberment of 20 year Old Woman

Nigerian Man Arrested for Murder and Dismemberment of 20 year Old Woman.


A Nigerian national has been apprehended in connection with the savage killing of a 20-year-old woman at an Airbnb residence along TRM Drive in Roysambu, Kenya.


Insiders familiar with the case reported that the Nigerian suspect was taken into custody on the night of January 15 as he tried to leave Kenya via Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi.


Simultaneously, two additional suspects were detained at Kasarani Police Headquarters. This development follows the release of CCTV footage by detectives, revealing the primary suspect in the brutal murder.


The footage captures the individual talking on his phone before entering a shop adjacent to the Airbnb. Clutching a black bag and wearing spectacles, he hastily hands his phone to the cashier.


After a brief exit, he returns five minutes later to pay before leaving, marking the last appearance on camera before the heinous crime.


Although the suspect was expected to return the key on Sunday morning, he failed to do so. The Airbnb manager, who received a call from the caretaker reporting suspicious polythene trash bags containing body parts, disclosed that the suspect had booked the premises on Saturday at 3 pm.


With the arrest of the Nigerian national, authorities aim to interrogate all three suspects and piece together the collected evidence to determine the motive behind the tragic murder of the 20-year-old victim.


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