Police stop World Coin registration at KICC

Police stop World Coin registration at KICC.

Earlier today the police decided to stop the worldcoin registration at KICC due to security concerns.

Thousands of Kenyans have been showing up for their eyeballs to be scanned in the Worldcoin registration exercise.


According to the Worldcoin team the police asked them to stop the exercise and look for a bigger venue to accommodate the big number of Kenyans who are there for the registration.

The team also turned away Kenyans who had lined up for the exercise, saying they will communicate a new venue for the exercise to resume tomorrow.

Some Kenyans were however unwilling to leave the venue and police were forced to drive them away.

The project’s core offering is its World ID, which the company describes as a “digital passport” to prove that its holder is a real human, not an AI bot.

As a reward, those who sign up in certain countries will receive Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency token 25 WLD tokens, which is Ksh.7786.

The use of iris-scanning technology ensures even distribution of coins and prevents fraud.

Worldcoin will be a global distribution system for Universal Basic Income, which is regular money for everyone from the government or organization to meet basic needs.


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