Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba call each other out on Social media

Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba call each other out on Social media.

Bongo star’s Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba have brought back their beef.

Last night, they took to social media to blast each other out.

Alikiba pointing out that Diamond Platnumz should invest in a good production team and vocal training inorder to release better songs.


He said Diamond is jealous and he feels bad anytime another artist releases a hit song.

He then adviced Diamond to get used to it before it’s too late for him.


In response, Diamond said he is the yet the best in the industry and when he was debuting, Alikiba was still in the music industry.

Diamond went further to brag about making hit songs and being ahead of Alikiba in terms of views, subscriptions, sales and many more.

” My one video is equal to your 20 videos, same as audio. I found you in the music industry and am ahead of you in everything. For 20 years you have been in the industry but you only perform in East Africa.” Diamond wrote in Swahili


Diamond went ahead to blast Alikiba concerning his vocals.

Advising him to listen to well established vocalists so that he can learn a thing or two.

He also asked him to invest in promotions inorder to gather more listeners to his songs and videos.

He added that every artist who leaves his record label is already established and they are able to make it out there on their own.

He also cited that the artists he has signed such as Zuchu are way ahead of Alikiba.

Diamond Platnumz went further to accuse Alikiba of not helping his brother Abduba Kiba.

He claimed that artists signed under Alikiba’s record label always leave because he doesn’t help them in any way.

Diamond had previously said his beef started when Alikiba refused to work with him in one of his songs.


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