Pritty Vishy reacts to a troll on her Instagram

Pritty vishy reacts to a troll on her Instagram.

Content creator Pritty Vishy was emotional after an Instagram user made a joke about her testimony where she revealed that her stepfather tried to defame her.

In the comment section of one of her post, a fan accused her of being arrogant while reminding people that she had previously confessed to being sexually abused.

“Huyu si ni yule dame alisema alikuwa akid*ny** na baba yake akiwa class 3.. saa hii ni kiburi tu,” baringo_west_niccur wrote.

Responding to the comment, the 22-year-old beauty said she was completely speechless after reading it.

Pritty Vishy wondered why anyone would think she was bragging about being molested and noted that she was never happy with what she went through as a child.

“Wow! Just wow. This got me and I have nothing to say to be honest. So some people think that being defiled is something to be proud of? Or do you think I’m happy because I was in that place? It’s painful to write that I swear but anyway..” she said.

In an interview before, she had talked about her past.

“My stepfather tried to defame me when I was in the third grade, but courage helped me. Every night I used to run and go to sleep at my grandmother’s house. No matter what, it’s good to just go, I was pretending to go to urinate and that’s how I got lost,”

“That was the worst time. After that, the mother tried to ask the father until he called the family. My stepfather’s family said that I was trying to break my mother’s marriage, so they did nothing.

My mother has given birth to two children and that man, my disabled sister and my brother, did not go. He had to at least stay to see if he could change.

When I was in the fifth grade, he repeated the same action, so when I was in the seventh grade, I had to be sent to the children’s home because it was too much.

When I was in the eighth grade, we fought again and he punched my breasts until I went and had a scan. My mother saw that this was going to kill my child, so we had to move.” she said

She revealed that her stepfather was immediately arrested due to the matter but was released after a week after he claimed that he had changed when he had not.


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