Shaffie Weru Says He Used To Earn A Million In Radio

Shaffie Weru Says He Used To Earn A Million In Radio.


Kenyan media personality Shaffie Weru surprised fans by divulging the salary he earned during his tenure as a radio presenter. Jurgen Klopp set to leave Liverpool


In a Mic Cheque podcast interview, Weru shared that he used to pocket Ksh 1 million per month back in the day.


“Just before tax, I made about Ksh1.1 million, and that was back in the day, naongea 2006. Pesa ilikua. Money back in the day ilikua partying, buying big cars, and then nilipata watoi mapema. And you know my first born is in uni, just calculate, 18 years ago, so nilikua nalipa school fees pia.”


Shaffie Weru emerged as one of the highest-earning radio presenters in Kenya during 2006 and 2007 while hosting the morning show on Kiss FM.


In 2021, Shaffie Weru faced dismissal from HomeBoyz radio due to on-air comments where he advised women to exercise caution in initial encounters with unfamiliar men.


These remarks followed a disturbing incident of a woman experiencing sexual assault and being thrown off a building during a first date.


Weru’s advice, advocating for women to be cautious and avoid risky situations, faced criticism for being perceived as disrespectful and endorsing gender-based violence.


Shaffie was terminated alongside former colleagues Neville and DJ Joe Mfalme.


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