YouTuber I am Marwa accused of being in Illuminati

YouTuber I am Marwa accused of being in Illuminati.

Kenyan YouTuber I am Marwa, has opened up on being accused of being in illuminati and others claiming that he is recruiting his friends in his village.

On his IG, he said that people don’t believe he is building his multimillion Villa from YouTube earnings and it has become a big issue.

“people in my village are saying we are in free masonry. They say all YouTubers in my village have joined and I am their leader.” he wrote.

Marwa said he believes in God and people should avoid the mentality that poverty is for God and riches for the devil.

He went on to reveal that two weeks ago, the area chief had to call a meeting to address the rumors.

He encouraged people to welcome success with open arms.

For the past few years Marwa has travelled to over 69 countries and he always shares the process with his subscribers on YouTube.

Despite growing up in a challenging environment, the YouTuber has beat all odds and has managed to achieve alot through his travels.

He has already built a Multimillion Mansion for his parents before deciding to build his own house.

His new villa will have a Helipad, a jacuzzi, a Sauna and a swimming pool.

His aim is to inspire the youth that they can achieve anything they put their mind into.

He intends on holding a party where he will invite his fans from all over the world for the opening ceremony, once the Villa is complete.


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