Tanzanian singer Harmonize tells his fans to not fall in love

Tanzanian singer Harmonize tells his fans to not fall in love

Tanzanian bongo star seems to have given up on love after he broke up with his on and off girlfriend Fridah Kajala.
He broke off his engagement to actress Frida Kajala late last year and since has been on an anti-love crusade after he lied on social media that he haf moved on and found a new girl but all along was just working on a song.

Taking to his Instagram, Harmonize revealed that a lot of girls had been trying to shoot their shot with him but he was uninterested as he planned to stay single for a long time.

“A lot of beautiful girls have been trying to make me fall in Love again, because they know for sure I got a soft heart, that when I give I give for Real! I can be a Friend, A Husband, A Provider and the best Father. I do Appreciate for the Love being shown to me. But you know what… My Heart is Cold as F*€k! But I hope this is not going be forever. Pray for me so that’s one day my heart can accept someone’s daughter.” he wrote

“F**LOVE!!! I remember the other day my Account was For someone’s happiness….” he added
That was clearly a hit on his ex girlfriend who he was engaged to get married to.

He then went on to add that the person he was talking about was not known by the public claiming the jab wasn’t directed at actress Fridah.

“Ulipofika muda wakuachwa nikaachwa kama Upepo!!! I’m talking About Someone You don’t know make Sure huingizi jina la ex wangu yeyote!!! Sio kila Mahusiano Yangu Unayajua,” he warned

Posting a picture of several stacks of money placed on his passenger seat the artist went on to say how it was better to chase after money than chasing women as they eventually leave but money never does unless you leave it.

“Money will never leave you alone until you let it go!!! This is a far much better way than sitting with some people in your car.” he bragged

He finished off by clearly begging his fans and followers to not get into a relationship cause it won’t help them.

“Stay single, rich, and sexy… f*ck love!”


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