The second baby was unplanned: Corazon Kwamboka

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka was talking to her fans and followers in what was a Q and A session on her Instagram account and she revealed that her second child who is coming to this world soon was unplanned.

Corazon Kwamboka’s post

An oops baby if you will,she was under the assumption that she couldn’t get pregnant while she was still breastfeeding her first born ,babyTaiyari Kiarie.The conversation went on to cover other interesting topics from discussing her failed family planning measures to discussing traditional practices about her baby’s hair to nutrition and even whether or not she will struggle to take care of her firstborn son, now that she’s pregnant with the second.

Corazon went on to discuss other issues such as the fact that she does not think the fact that she is about to have another child will hinder baby Taiyari in any way shape or form. When a fan raised that topic she shut it down saying pregnancy is not a disability so she will still be able to take care of and nurture her child with love.

Another interesting topic that was brought up was whether or not she will be moving in with Frankie just gym it,well! She is not one to shy away from all the difficult questions that were coming in fast, Corazon took the bull by the horns and revealed she would do so only after they were legally and lawfully married .

The question of whether or not she shaved baby Taiyari’s hair came up and apparently in some of Kenya’s traditional communities, shaving the child’s hair is mandatory but Corazon Kwamboka decided against that so that her son may have long hair. And who can complain, his baby hair will be so dope when it finally counts in his teenage years as he grows up.

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