The Shade: Amira Reacts After Amber Ray Removes Jimal’s Tatoo

The Shade: Amira Reacts After Amber Ray Covers Jimal’s Tatoo.

If you like tea and you haven’t heard of the real housewives of Syokimau drama, say no more. 2021 has served excess tea on Amber Ray dating Jimal Rohosafi, who happens to be married to Amira.

The short lived relationship was intense to the point that Amber got Jimal’s other name, Marlow tatted on her back. Too soon for a tatoo though. Jimal and Amber even got married and couldn’t hold the news from social media.

Well well well, how the tables have turned. Ask Amira. Amira was the victim of the widely publisized relationship between Jimal and Amber ray. She was on the receiving end of insults from Amber who loudly told her that wanaume ni kushare, hata hujioshi vizuri…and many more.

Amira’s breakdown was witnessed all over social media as her husband’s other scandals got exposed. But she stayed strong, bearing in mind she started dating Jimal in high school when he had nothing until the ‘other woman’ came and destroyed her marriage.

But they say he who laughs last, laughs best. Just the other day Amber Ray took to social media and uploaded a video of her getting Jimal’s tatoo covered and captioned it; “Well, I don’t regret the love I gave because you probably needed it. F*ck you tho!”

Amber Ray getting Jimal's tatoo covered.
Amber Ray getting Jimal’s tatoo covered.

This however did not go without a reaction from Amira who posted a video to her Insta stories, which doesn’t need any caption. Well…

Amira's Insta stories video.
Amira’s Insta stories video.
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