Carol with Mulamwah
Carol with Mulamwah

Mulamwah Takes Over Ex’s Carol Sonnie’s Social Media Accounts

Mulamwah Takes Over Ex’s Carol Sonnie’s Social Media Accounts.

How petty can an ex be after a break up? Well, not to the extent of taking over social media accounts. Comedian Mulamwah has confirmed Kamene Goro’s accusation of being a bully.

Speaking in an interview, Mulamwah’s ex Carol Sonnie said that she does not control her social media accounts anymore. The revelation came as a surprise and raised eyebrows? How does she not own her social media accounts?

Turns out her ex Mulamwah has been in control of her social media accounts which he took over after their nasty break-up.

Lemme just say this, Carrol_Sonie I’m not managing it, I don’t own the accounts… I don’t have it, I’m not managing it, I’m not running it.

So I have my own accounts that nimefungua. I decided to start afresh, it’s best nianze afresh ni accept tu vitu zilienda venye zilienda. It’s time to move on.

My ex and I tulicome to some disagreements about the accounts. Mi sipendi kushinda nikivutana. Story ni ndefu. Sitaki kuongea much because I’m not okay but when the time is right I’m going to tell you. Sonnie said.

The irony! Mulamwah introduced his new girlfriend on social media just a day after the break-up went public. Which begs the question, is Mulamwah really over Carrol Sonie, or does he just want to control her life.

The news has received different reactions on social media with many having the thought that it is a low move from the comedian. Why would he take social media accounts of the mother of his child after their break up, when he is busy flaunting his new relationship?


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