Belgian Drug Lord Dominating Kenya’s TikTok Arrested and Deported

The Belgian Drug Lord Dominating Kenya’s TikTok.

It is no news that Kenya is a favourite destination for rogue cartels from all over the world, not forgetting Nigeria and now, Belgium. Frank De Tank, 42, a well known TikToker in Kenya is the the latest to be exposed for his unscrupulous activities.

Frank, who is a father of two,  has been living an extravagant lifestyle in Milimani, Kenya since 2017 with his 22 year old girlfriend. His massive physique compared to his petite girlfriend made him gain popularity on his social media accounts to more than a million followers.

Frank De Tank and his Kenyan girlfriend
Frank De Tank and his Kenyan girlfriend.

Videos of the two have gone viral with most receiving over a million views and some over 10 million views. The viewers curiosity however did not stop at the two’s online videos but drifted towards their life outside TikTok.

Frank’s spending on luxurious cars and destinations caught negative attention from the public, and eventually the police. It was later revealed that Frank is a wanted man after his deportation for raising over $3.4 million in drug trafficking. Apparently he is also a prime suspect in one of Belgiums crucial cases.

Frank De Tank and his Kenyan girlfriend
Frank De Tank with his Kenyan girlfriend

Frank and his friend Nordin are suspected of trafficking over 2,000 tonnes of cocaine between 2015 and 2016, according to international media reports. Nordin was even sentenced to 40 years, in absentia but escaped to UAE.

Before Frank flew to Kenya, he had been arrested in Belgium and released on bail after agreeing to cooperate with the police to arrest the rest of the syndicate.

His trial began this year on February 11, which could eventually get him 12 years in prison.

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