TikToker Brian Chira released from jail

TikToker Brian Chira released from jail.

Tiktoker Brian Chira Wambui has been released from jail on a Ksh 50,000 bail.

He appeared before Kibera Law courts Principal Magistrate Renee Kitagwa today.https://sirikali.com/eric-omondi-promises-to-bail-brian-chira-out-of-jail-if-he-apologizes-to-azziad/

He had earlier been charged with cyber harassment.

The charge is of him using his TikTok account to defame radio host Azziad Nasenya.

He however, denied the charges and the case is to be mentioned on September 12.

The TikTok influencer was arrested late last week for allegedly making defamatory statements against TikTok star Azziad Nasenya.

In a video shared on social media, Brian Chira is seen using offensive language against Azziad and went ahead to share her personal phone number on his TikTok live.

According to Azziad’s lawyer, her clients was subjected to insults and offensive messages and calls from unknown people.

Azziad, along with her legal team, decided to pursue the matter legally in a bid to end online bullying.

“My client has for the past week been buzzed with a lot of calls and messages some of which are insults and my client was not happy. Since we have the computer misuse and cybercrime act she choose to take legal action.” Azziad’s lawyer said.


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