Timmy T Dat’s ex crys for help on Instagram

Rosa Ree say’s she’s not doing okay and needs helps.

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree has shared on her Instagram that she is not doing well through.

She posted a video of herself crying saying she is not okay.

Rosa Ree said she would want to share what the issue is but bloggers and the media would just pick the story and forget about her pain.

“I’m not okay! I’m hurting! I’m going through tough situations! All I can see is darkness. I’m asking myself questions without responses.” she said.

The rapper who is Timmy t days ex shared that she felt alone and even the people she entertains are not there when she needs them.

“When I’m like this whom do I run to? You’ve been entertained by me but when I’m not okay will you help me? I can come forward and be forthright with whatever I’m going through but I know some of you will laugh at me, gossip, dissociate and some will not even care.” she added.

She went ahead to share that her pain would be used to entertain news sites and life would continue for everybody else even if she was gone.

“If I talk about what I’m going through, it will be headlines in gossip blogs. I will receive calls to do interviews so that media houses get a story. My life is just a movie so that people can get views. What about my feelings? Even when I’m not living, life will still continue just okay…honestly, I’m not fine.” she said.

Rosa Ree’s management has since released a statement indicating that the rapper is currently with her family and has requested privacy during this difficult time.


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