Diana Marua Reaches 1 Million Subscribers On Youtube

Diana Marua Reaches 1 Million Subscribers On Youtube.


Kenyan artist Diana Marua, popularly known as Diana B, has etched her name in history by becoming the first female Kenyan artist to reach the impressive milestone of 1 million subscribers on YouTube.Diana Marua Biography: Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Family, YouTube


Overwhelmed with joy, Diana took a moment to express her gratitude to her dedicated fans and followers for their unwavering support of her craft.


A video shared by Bahati captures the jubilant scene as Diana enthusiastically celebrates this significant achievement.


Diana B now stands alongside the top content creators and musicians in Kenya who boast a substantial following on YouTube.


It’s worth noting that Otile Brown previously held the title as the first Kenyan male artist to attain a million subscribers on the platform.


Diana’s accomplishment not only marks a personal triumph but also signifies the growing influence of female artists in the Kenyan music and content creation scene.


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