Utapinduliwa kama mutura hii Nairobi: Mayau Dreamchaser told after revealing Divine Collections deal was a scam

Mayau Dreamchaser, popularly known as Mtumba Man got a taste of what Nairobi can do to someone.

Yesterday night Mayau went on live and called out Divine Collections for not fulfilling their promises.

Divine collections had offered Mayau a 5 year deal to market their brand.

Mayau rose to fame after a video of him selling mtumba in Kisumu went viral and caught the attention of many.

Yesterday on Instagram live, Mayau revealed that after Divine Collections brought him to Nairobi, his life did not go as expected and he could not even afford to pay his rent.

It got to a point in his live that people were raising funds for him to pay his house of Ksh 11,000.

The Instagram live ended abruptly when Mayau apparently received a notification from Divine Collections.

Word going around is Divine collections called Mayau to do damage control.

Mayau has today morning uploaded a message refuting the allegations he made about the clothing brand.

His statement however came a bit too late as people had already witnessed his cry for help.

His post was flooded with messages of consolation with people telling him he could still save himself and go back to selling his Mtumba.

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