Sauti Sol’s venture into solo projects

Sauti Solo is arguably the biggest musical group in Kenya and across Africa.

The dynamic duo has achieved great success with their music releases that have amassed numerous views from across the world.

Their success has seen the group collaborate on various projects with artists from outside Kenya, not forgetting the tours around the globe.

While announcing their recent tour yesterday, Sauti Sol decided to also inform their fans that they will be embarking on solo projects.

The tour marks their journey of being ‘Alone-Together.’ Despite the band members working on solo projects they will still be working together on other projects.

The news comes after the band witnessed several postponement of shows due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Sauti sol had their first show last sunday  after a lo g time while at their first international residency in the UK.

‘Alone -Together’ was birthed after a deep reflection of the band and as individuals.

Eachember if the group shall enter an alone phase with a release by December 2021,which shall be followed closely by full projects.

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