Vera Sidika seeking recommendations for churches to attend

Vera Sidika seeking recommendations for churches to attend.


Socialite, entrepreneur and reality TV star Vera Sidika has expressed her desire to strengthen her connection with God in the coming year, revealing that she has not attended church in several years.


In a heartfelt post on her social media platforms, Vera opened up about how her celebrity status had gradually led her to distance herself from attending church services due to the overwhelming attention.Vera Sidika introduces new man days after split from hubby Brown Mauzo


Intriguingly, she reached out to Instagram users, seeking suggestions for a church where she could worship without unnecessary distractions.


“I have not been to church in ages… Damn!” She wrote.


Vera emphasized that despite not physically attending a church for sermons and communal worship, she considers herself a devout Christian.Vera Sidika leaves the country hours after Brown Mauzo announced their break-up


She asserted that she remains committed to following the scriptures and fulfilling her role as outlined in the Bible.


The Real Housewives of Nairobi personality went on to disclose that her prolonged absence from church services is primarily attributed to her high-profile status and the challenges it brings in terms of public attention.


“I am a believer, I pray and do my part as a Christian but damn it is so hard going to church. Too much attention!” Lamented the socialite as she accompanied the post with a wailing emoji.


Concluding, she reached out to her fans and followers, seeking their recommendations for churches, preferably in the upscale suburbs of Karen.


Vera expressed her earnest desire to reconnect with the church community and was open to suggestions from her audience.


“Ya’all know any good churches where I will no be distracted? Please suggest some.”

“This 2024 I am building a better relationship with God,” she added.


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