YouTubers Nairofey and Yeforian back together after a public breakup

YouTubers Nairofey and Yeforian back together after a public breakup.

YouTube Couple Nairofey and Yeforian have announced that they are back together, months after bitter public breakup.

The couple shared a YouTube video, celebrating their reunion, saying it took months for them to make amends.

Nairofey shared a video getting ready to welcome the love of her life back home and revealed she had done a house makeover to make him feel at home after months apart.

They later shared a video at the airport on his arrival in Kenya, as they happily embraced each other adding that they have been eagerly waiting for the day they would finally be together.

In the video, Nairofey said she knows her fans have questions and many are wondering how they got back together.

She however promised to share the journey with her fans adding that at the end of it all, her fans will understand what happened.

The couple had a bitter public breakup earlier this year. Nairofey accused Yeforian of stealing her YouTube and Gmail accounts.

Nairofey also claimed she used to buy herself gifts and give credit to her boyfriend and revealed her biggest regret was acting dumb to make her man look good on social media.

Nairofey apologized to her fans who looked up to her and those who admired her relationship without knowing her man was a pathological liar.

The content creator revealed that she was the man’s project since he made her sign a prenup stating that he would take half of all the income made by her brand.

The two then got married and his mother was not in attendance. He told her they had to get married if she wanted to travel with him to Russia.

Days after the marriage, he travelled and left her in Kenya to take care of the process but deep down he knew they weren’t going anywhere together.

On the other hand, Yeforian claimed that Nairofey lied about him hacking her accounts just to gain sympathy from her followers.

He revealed that the car she claimed to be hers was not even in her name and claimed that he picked Nairofey when she was homeless and with nothing of her own.

He accused her of having an affair with a girl for months, saying that she failed to visit him in hospital when he was having a surgery since she was on vacation with the girl.

He also advised fellow men to be very careful when selecting their wives.

The couple is now back together and fans are eagerly waiting for updates.


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