Amber Ray talks about Co-Parenting

He’s the one taking care of him.

Amber Ray is super excited after her baby daddy took their son for holidays.

The two parents are not close like before but are successfully co-parenting.

She travelled alone, and from the videos, she has been sharing, she seems to be having fun.

She is currently on holiday in the coastal region. The mother of one travelled alone and from the videos, she’s been sharing, she seems to be having fun.

The controversial socialite and her baby daddy who is rumoured to be a police officer, are raising their son Gavin together.

Respect Is Two-Way Street,the best thing about co-parenting ni ati unakuanga na off days. Well, mine just started,” she said.

In a past Q&A with her fans, when asked if she and her baby daddy co-parent, Amber had said:

Oh yes we do. As much as sometimes we have our issues, it’s very clear to both of us that whatever it is… it has nothing to do with Gavin.

Recently, Amber revealed that the father of her son was a Kikuyu.

The controversial influencer is single after parting ways with her husband Jamal Roho Safi in July 2021.

Jamal and Amber are still friends and hang out together. Amber says life is short .

The socialite recently lost her best friend, Sally, and she said she has learnt to live life to the fullest.


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