Willy Paul sues Miss P for her sexual assault allegations against him

Willy Paul has taken action against Miss P for her allegations of rape. Taking to his instagram willy Paul uploaded a post containing the lawsuit his lawyer served Miss P. Miss P had accused her boss Willy Paul of forcing himself on her several times.

In the lawsuit Willy Paul accuses Miss P of false utterances, libellous and malicious information against him.

Miss P was in an interview where she detailed her ordeal. Willy Paul had uploaded a post to his facebook after the allegations saying that Miss P had decided to go on an interview without coming to him first.

There were mixed reactions around the allegations as Miss P had stated that at some point, she had started having feelings for the musician, which is a conflict of interest regarding the relationship Miss P had with Willy Paul, who is also her boss.

Most people have been torn between where the line on sexual consent should be drawn.Anyway, Let’s wait and see what unfolds.

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