Edgar Obare’s brother kidnapped and tortured

Blogger Edgar obare has come out and uploaded an IGTV video to appeal for justice, as he asks people to pray for his family. His brother was kidnapped on one Saturday and tortured in the kidnappers’s quest to seek the whereabouts of Edgar.

It began few weeks ago when Edgar Obare sent his brother to pick up an item he had ordered from the airport. On his arrival at the airport, he was asked by customs to pay some fee so he had to go back and come another day.

When Edgar’s brother went back, this time he found DCI agents waiting for him at the airport. He was denied access to the package as the DCI demanded to be given the package. They then locked Edgar’s brother in a room for more than 3 hours questioning him on where Edgar was.

He was also tortured during the interrogation yet he was innocent. Edgar narrates how his brother called him crying as he explained to him what the officers had done to him. It was one of the saddest moments for Edgar especially how the DCI had decided to come for his innocent family.

Edgar recalls his brother telling him not to go public about the story because he was at a point where he feared for his life after what had been done to him.

Edgar said that he wanted to go live on his BNN account but Instagram is restricting his account from going live.

Nothing has been done to bring justice in any occasion as he(Edgar) was also kidnapped last year November and also nothing was done to anyone.

This has caught the attention of Kenyans who think the justice system is rigged and are advocating for justice to be served.

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