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stock prices fall

World’s Biggest Tech Show Of The Year

Worlds Biggest Tech Show Of The Year.

CES 2022 came upon us and was over but lets talk about it. The world’s biggest tech show was going to be a little different this year due to increasing cases of the Omicron variant in the world.

This year’s event took place physically in Las Vegas . Google, Intel, Lenovo, Amazon, and other big names in tech did not attend CES 2022 due to health concerns.

This year’s conference was expected to be the venue for the next-generation processors, innovative laptops and big-screen TVs with better visuals and new display tech. Off-beat gadgets from small-and medium-sized companies, especially in the health tech space were expected.

Here’s a glimpse of what is always expected to see at CES every year.

When is CES ?

CES is the annual consumer electronic show done in Las Vegas every year, a show that spans three venues at least and multiple events spreading across the city. CES runs from Wednesday, Jan 5 through Saturday, Jan 7.

However, the conference actually begins a day early on Jan 4 — also known as “Media Day” before the show floors even open. Expect a flood of announcements from major tech players, including Dell and Intel, as they give keynotes to the press.

Who can attend CES ?

CES is not open to the general public, as it is a trade-only event. Only those who are 18 years and above with associations with the consumer electronics industry can attend the event. For members of the press, CES is free to attend. From the very beginning, CES is more to do with showing off the tech innovations to media and analysts, and having a conversation around the tech or product before it hits the market

How can I follow CES ?

While the general public can’t attend CES, major announcements will be streamed online. Samsung live streamed its CES event on Jan 4 at 6:30 pm IST (8:00 am IST, Jan 5). Similarly, Intel hosted a live stream on its website on Jan 4 where it was expected to release new mobile processors. Asus, Dell, Sony, and AMD also shared all the information about their latest products on their respective websites.

What will be announced at CES?

CES is all about concept devices, mainstream laptops, big-screen TVs, automobiles, home entertainment, and smart home. In 2021, Intel debuted its 12th generation ‘Alder Lake’ desktop processors. Logically, this year’s CES, the chip titan will likely debut the mobile processors for gaming and high-performance laptops.

AMD too had announced its Zen 4 Ryzen processors at CES 2022. Both companies compete with each other. With Intel and AMD both showing off new chips, big laptop vendors also launch new notebooks powering these new processors.

Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP, and MSI previewed new laptops at CES 2022. CES 2022 was the perfect launchpad for that device. While Dell was expected to announce a new lineup of XPS laptops at this year’s CES, the company had already previewed a set of concept products ahead of the event.

LG, meanwhile, debuted its first-ever gaming laptop, the UltraGear 17G90Q, a few weeks before the show. New Chromebooks are also likely to hog the limelight at the world’s biggest tech show.

As expected, TVs once again dominated the conversations at CES 2022. With brands showing 8K TVs for a while now, it’s time to see flat-screen TVs with high-resolution. 16K . Certainly, one or two big brands also showed off futuristic TVs with new display technology that might become dominant in the future.

Beyond TVs and laptops, home audio products, especially soundbars, get a lot of attention at CES. Monitors is another product category that is getting a lot of attention lately due to the rise of working from home. Health tech as well as AR/VR headset space will likely be a point of conversation at CES, with smaller startups stealing the show.


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