X-Tian Dela quits politics due to youth negativity

In case you didn’t know, X-Tian Dela is a politician.Yes. He has in the past made public his political aspirations to represent Westlands at the National Assembly.

In a statement X-tian Dela published on his insta stories, the entertainer starts by reminding people that it has been a while since he talked about his political aspirations. He went on to challenge people to think what the reason could be behind his change of direction.

The young entertainor continued by saying that the reason why he stopped pushing his polocal ambitions was due to the hate he experienced channeled through people hiding behind keyboards. He added that the hate has been too much for him to handle which is why he taking a step back pursuing a parliamentary seat.

Je said he has triedbto push his political ambition but that it has hit a dead wall. He said the youth he thought would support him ate the ones throwing hateful sentiments toward his intentions to vie for a political seat.

In his statement he made open the allegations people had thrown on him especially his intention to get a seat in the National assembly to steal money. Corruption has been a big issue in the country to the point where citizens do not trust politicians, especially those who use the youth as a getaway to eventually swindle money.

X-tian went on to point out that not all political aspirants have the intention to go to parliament just to secure the power to steal money from people. He further urged the youth to refrain being their own enemies and support each other if they are to rise.

He finished his statement with his frustration about his decision on whether to continue with his political career, reminding people that the negativity especially from fellow youth is what made Boniface Mwangi quit his fight for the youth, and activism altogether.

His finished with the sentence, “Hata mtu akitaka tusaidike hatutaki, I’m out! God bless. “

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