Tusker Project Fame duo Amos and Josh
Tusker Project Fame duo Amos and Josh

Tusker Project Fame duo Amos and Josh, are back!!

Tusker Project Fame duo Amos and Josh are back!

The second runners-up of the popular show Tusker Project Fame 2013 are back, and we are here for it. The two talented musicians, during an interview on Thursday 19th at a local station, disclosed to the public reasons why they split. They said it was a better decision for both of them, but now they are again back together as a group and are happy.

When asked why they split by the interviewer, they answered by saying that the real reason was that people kept asking them if they were doing gospel music or secular music because it seemed that they did not have a particular genre and were doing both at the same time. The hit makers of “Tutaonana baadae” featuring King Kaka added that people were confused where their stand was in music and kept saying they were in the middle.

Later they were eventually called to a meeting and asked to choose which genre they would be singing. During the interview Amos, one of the duo added that they both regretted leaving gospel music because it was their thing. He continued that growing up in church and singing in a choir was one of their amazing experience and that’s how they developed their talent and skills.

The two also asked Kenyans to forgive them for splitting and for not making music for quite some time .Amos and Josh have recently released a song and are on media tour as they plan to start releasing hit songs for people to listen to. They are hopping to also get support from them.


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