iPhone 14 Set to Launch in September

iPhone 14 Set to Launch in September.

iPhone maker Apple is set to launch their new products including the iPhone 14 line. The new iPhones will join the busy series of product releases alongside other products which include Macs, iPads and three new models of Apple watches. The product will kick off in the market on the 16th of September.

The new release is set to borrow features from the iPhone 13 except for the mini iPhone of 5’4 inches that will be eliminated. The new version will have a 6’7 inch screen which marks the first time that Apple releases a non-pro phone of such display.

Apple is planning a revamp with the new product that will see the front camera cutout replaced with a notch, that will enable face ID detection and a hole-punch-sized area for the camera, which will allow users to have more space for the screen. The new phone will also have a faster chip in addition to the existing A15 chip.

The camera will also have adjustments as it will appear larger in the new phone compared to the previous model. Users will enjoy an additional 48 Megapixel wide-angle camera and a 12 Megapixel ultrawide and telephoto sensors.

The new phone is also set to have emergency SOS via satellite. A user can send messages without a cellular connection when pointed directly at a satellite, with a clear view of the sky. It has a user interface that will show you exactly where to point your phone in order to hit a satellite.

The iPhone is one of the two major smartphone systems in the world, along with Android, and dominates the premium market. Apple is now one of the most valuable publicly traded corporations in the worldwhich has made a significant impact on its financial success.

For the mobile phone business, the first-generation iPhone was called “revolutionary” and a “game-changer,” and later models have also received accolades. It has been said that the iPhone popularized the smartphone and slate form factors as well as the “app economy,” or the sizable market for mobile apps. More than 2.2 million iPhone apps were available in the Apple App Store as of January 2017.


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