22 year old woman electrocuted at a house party in Kilimani

22 year old woman electrocuted in Kilimani.

One woman lost her life on Sunday evening in a suspected case of electrocution at Kilimani Nairobi.

According to police report, she was in the company of her friends when the incident occurred.

The woman who was 22 years old was found in the bathroom lying on the floor, minutes from excusing herself from the party to take a shower.

While in the bathroom, her friends said that they heard her fall and decided to call her but they did not get any response.

They immediately rushed to the bathroom, broke down the door and found her lying down holding shower pipe.

“She was holding the shower pipe in her right hand which also had burn bruises on the first finger. She also had bruises on her chest,” they said.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on her arrival.

The police stated that they were conducting further investigations to determine the cause of death of the 22 year old woman.


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