Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby denies ever dating MCA Tricky

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby denies ever dating MCA Tricky.

Rue Baby is the model daughter of the Businesswoman cum musician Akothee. She rose to fame while pursuing her modeling career and there’s no denying that her popularity has been influenced by her celebrity mom. She has been in the modeling industry for some time while studying. With fame comes curiosity among fans who want to know what their favorite persona is up to.

The model has male celebrity friends but what stood out was her friendship with comedian MCA Tricky. At the time of their friendship, MCA Tricky was at the prime of his comic career which led to speculations that they might have been dating.

Their friendship was not under the wraps as they cud share photos of their encounters with their social media family. The two never confirmed whether their friendship had crossed boundaries into romance but this did not stop fans from joining their dots to conclude they might have been in a romantic relationship. The romance rumors were fueled by their suggestive photos which they did not have a problem posting on their socials.

It has come to the attention of their fans that recently the comedian posted a photo with a girl wishing her a happy birthday. This made fans who thought they were in a relationship question whether they were still together. The photo has created a fuss as online in-laws have been inquisitive as to what might have happened between the two.

The romors have been consistent until few hours ago when Rue baby decided to do a Q and A session on her Insta stories where she told fans to ask her anything. One fan asked whether she was still dating MCA Tricky. Her response was in shock mode as she wondered if they had been together implying they never dated in the first place. Her fans had misinterpreted their friendship due to their suggestive photos.


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