Diamond Platinumz's son with Hamisa
Diamond Platinumz's son with Hamisa

Tanasha Donna wishes Diamond Platinumz’s son with Hamisa a happy birthday

Tanasha Donna wishes Diamond Platinumz’s son with Hamisa a happy birthday.

Diamond Platinumz’s son with Hamisa Mobetto has turned 4. He celebrated his birthday in style on an Island with his mother and big sister.

Hamisa’s son was conceived at a time speculated to have been during Diamond and Zari’s relationship. The relationship between Diamond and Zari at this time was on the rocks due to infidelity issues which Zari suspected to have been with Hamisa.

Zari and Hamisa were on good terms during the time but when Zari heard rumors that Diamond could have been playing her with Hamisa, she was prompted to ask her through her DMs. She wanted to be sure about the rumors.

After some time Hamisa started posting pregnancy photos which made people wonder if the rumors of her relationship with Diamond were true. She was not quick to answer fans’ curiosity as she knew the water had already been spilled. She did not confirm the speculations until later on when she gave birth and succumbed to the inquisitive pressure of fans.

By this time Diamond and Zari had already fallen out and were unable to rekindle their relationship. After some time of Diamond being single and mingling, he met Tanasha at an event. At that time she was an entertainment radio presenter and could often attend concerts.

It did not take long as after dating for three months, Tanasha was pregnant. Her music career hit from her high profile relationship which saw her work with several artists and designers. Her friendship with Hamisa began when she contacted Hamisa, who is the CEO of Mobetto styles to work on costumes for her music video.

Their friendship came as a surprise as their fans thought they could not be on good terms as they shared a baby daddy. This did not stop them but instead brought them close since their kids are step-brothers.

Tanasha wished Hamisa’s son a happy birthday on her Insta stories saying:

“Happy birthday young king!… May Allah bless your day little one…. “

Diamond and Hamisa also wished the young star a happy birthday.


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