Azimio Die Hard Fan Nuru Okanga Joins Form One

Azimio Die Hard Fan Nuru Okanga Joins Form One.


Nuru Okanga, a staunch supporter of Azimio, has embarked on a new chapter by enrolling in Form One at Saint Aquinas Ebuchinga.


Taking the initiative to pursue his education, Nuru made the decision to return to school and shared his journey with the media.


In his conversation with select media outlets, Okanga explained that he deferred his admission to Form One due to prior engagements in corporate social responsibilities.


Recognizing the importance of education, he decided to prioritize his academic pursuits despite being actively involved in political and family responsibilities.


Nuru Okanga emphasized that his return to school was motivated by the realization that he lacked the minimum academic qualifications necessary for pursuing a political seat.


Opting for a day school, he aims to strike a balance between his political commitments and family obligations while striving to fulfill his educational aspirations.


“I have decided to join day school since I must maintain my responsibility to my family. We’re supposed to be released at 6:00 pm but I will plead with the principal to leave by 4:00 pm so that I can also tend to matters of politics and also spend time with family.”


Expressing gratitude, the outspoken advocate of Azimio praised his wife for her unwavering support and steadfastness in standing by his side in moments of prayer.


“My wife has no problem with it, she will even assist me on this journey. We’ve discussed and she confirmed that she would pray for my entire journey in school,” he said.



Okanga further appealed to Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM party, to assist in his educational pursuit by covering his complete tuition fees and accommodation expenses.


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