Bahati says he missed out on Netflix, Young Famous and African

Bahati says he missed out on the hit Netflix show, Young Famous and African

Kenyan artist Bahati has revealed that he was supposed to be in the next season of Young Famous and African series on Netflix.

Speaking in an interview, The musician said he had lost a big chance to feature on Young, Famous and African season 2 on Netflix since he was mostly focusing on politics at that time and couldn’t make it.

“But one of the things that I can say I lost during the political season, You know I have never said it. During the politics season I was to be on season two of the Young Famous and African new season of Netflix. And we went through the run everything. But sasa ile time walikuwa wanataka niende kushoot it was between July. I can’t take it lightly but God’s time is the best.” he said.

Bahati said that when he was running for Mathare member of Parliament seat.

He had terminated all his endorsements during campaign season in an ethical way inorder to concentrate on only politics.

He then said he doesn’t regret trying out politics even though he lost he still had a great experience doing it.

“Even though I put a stop to my career, I don’t regret running for a political seat I made a move. When we are young we can only take risks right now. I am proud of myself and I believe young people are proud of me too.” he added.

He said he elieves that he learnt so much during that period and his dream to be the president of Kenya in 2032 is still valid and he believes he might be.


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