China Square owner breaks silence

China Square owner talksChina Square owner breaks silence

China Square owner Lei Cheng, has admitted that his business, situated in Kenyatta University’s Unicity mall, is indeed thriving.

In an interview, Lei Cheng noted that he set up his shop in Kenya on January 29, 2023 and two weeks later, he sold over Sh20 million.

The business, which is the talk of town, is now making the amount in just two days on a bad day due to the massive amount of customers who go their daily.

“The business is barely a month old. On a bad day, we sell goods worth Sh10 million,” Cheng said.

He revealed that he was inspired to start the business after he came across basic things being sold expensively in local supermarkets here in Kenya for no reason.

He then said the idea to start the business was to avail basic goods to Kenyans at fair prices, and said he followed legal procedures to obtain the business.

He then noted that he has attracted Kenyans because of his market strategy that he now feels is being unfairly targeted.

“My business is legal and is centered on healthy competition. We have followed all government directives for opening a business in Kenya and we are here to break monopolies,” he added.


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