Betty Kyalo Hints She’s in a New Relationship

Betty kyalo hints she has a new man

‘Namficha kama bangi!’ the media personality says.

“This time I’m HIDING him like marijuana… It’s 2023…. Maybe he’s my Bodyguard and you don’t know him… ” Betty.

The media personality broke up with Nick Ndeda less than a year ago and said she was not ready for love anytime soon.

During a telephone interview with a local radio station, she confessed that she wasn’t single as anymore.

She however didn’t want to share any details about the mysterious man saying that she would not reveal his identity anytime soon.

She then decided to even happily joke that she had to keep the man’s identity a secret as she didn’t want to be single anytime soon.

The hair salon guru added that people wouldn’t be able to know her lover easily, implying that it might even be the bouncer protecting her and people would never know.

Since her breakup with Nick Ndeda a year ago, the journalist has never been seen or been heard in public if she is dating anyone until she spoke about it in the radio interview.

Betty broke up with the city lawyer after dating for a short period of time and said that she would take a long vacation from the dating world to improve herself in life and also find time to focus on raising her beautiful daughter.

Her insightful interview happened a few days after fake news spread that a dirty video of hers was circulating online.

Through the company that manages her, they made a statement about the rumour and said that the issue had already been brought to the DCI so they could pursue the matter.


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