Ciru Muriuki appeals for financial help to give fiancé Ouda a decent sendoff

Ciru Muriuki appeals for financial help to give fiancé Ouda a decent sendoff.


Media personality Ciru Muriuki has reached out for financial assistance to provide her fiancé, actor Charles Ouda, with a dignified sendoff. Renowned Actor Charles Ouda Passes Away


In an emotional plea, Ciru shared a poster outlining the fundraising efforts for Charlie’s burial, urging fans and celebrities to contribute towards the cause.


The poster, adorned in all-black with gold and white accents, captures a joyful moment of Charlie, his hand resting across his forehead in a gesture of laughter and warmth.


The appeal for financial aid underscores the challenges faced by individuals during times of loss, highlighting the importance of community support and solidarity in honoring the memory of loved ones.




Digital content creator and actress Foi Wambui, along with scriptwriter, movie producer, and director Abel Mutua, and emerging actor Kabugi, have joined the initiative to share Charlie’s fundraising poster.


Foi Wambui took to her platform to urge netizens to contribute whatever they could, emphasizing the significant costs associated with funerals.


Her support underscores the collective effort within the creative community to rally behind Charlie’s memorial and provide assistance during this difficult time.



“Funerals are hella expensive and we really MUST give Charles a beautiful send-off. Please help the family by sending whatever contribution you can to the paybill number,” Foi wrote.

Expressing her profound grief, Foi Wambui revealed that the reality of Charlie’s passing still felt surreal to her, acknowledging the immense struggle she faced in accepting the loss of her friend.


Meanwhile, Abel, in his post sharing the fundraising efforts, offered a heartfelt prayer for Charles, expressing his hope that the actor would journey peacefully into the afterlife and find eternal rest.


Since Ciru’s initial post, an outpouring of support from friends and fans has flooded in, with words of encouragement and virtual hugs being sent her way.


This compassionate response serves as a source of solace and comfort for Ciru as she navigates through the painful process of grieving the loss of her fiancé.


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