Prezzo welcomes child with salonist charged with theft

Prezzo welcomes child with salonist charged with theft. 

Prezzo is a well-known Kenyan artist from back in the day. He has had his fair share of women and even walked on the isle. This is not the first of prezzo’s kids with a woman but it’s one who has not been known to the public.

A source related to the new baby baby mama revealed the news that she had welcomed a kid with prezzo, in June this year.

The woman who goes by the name Bella posted on her social media the picture of the child wearing a chain with the name Prezzo.

It did not take long to connect the dots of the baby being Prezzo’s kid as the woman had been linked to the musician for a while. The woman has also been linked to the musican Frasha in the past.

The news of the baby being Prezzo’s child was confirmed by another picture posted by the baby mama on her social media with Prezzo holding the baby. Prezzo hid his face under a hoodie to avoid obvious identification but his well known tattoos were visible .

The woman is said to have been working at a nail shop in kileleshwa. She was later accused of stealing jewellery worth 2.3M from close friends who hosted her.

The matter was serious as the woman was charged. Tracing back to the time she was charged with the theft, it has come to the realization that she was pregnant.

At this time she was not known to the public. The charges did not age well as now they have come to haunt her, especially after having a baby with the widely known musician.

The situation has highlighted the charges surrounding her which happened in November 2020. The publicity on the matter has not been positive.

An onlooker wondered why she would decide to steal yet she was employed with a well paying job.

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