Content creator Babushka introduces his girlfriend

Content creator Babushka introduces his girlfriend.

Content creator Babushka has decided to introduce his girlfriend Artrine to the world and his fans are happy for him.

Babushka is a differently abled dancer who has been making waves on social media for a while now.

He is well known for spreading smiles and showcasing his talent to his followers.

Babushka has a huge following with over 400k followers on TikTok and 184k followers on Instagram.

Speaking in an interview, Babushka said he is happy with his girlfriend and he loves how she respects him and treats him correctly.

The two met at JKIA as they were both traveling to different destinations and after exchanging contacts they started chatting.

He revealed that it took some time before Artrine agreed to date him but his consistency worked and they fell in love.

This caused Artrine to break up with her then boyfriend and they started their relationship together.

Artrine shared that she is five years older than Babushka but she doesn’t care about the age difference since they are in love and he gives her everything a lady looks for in a man.

The couple has however been facing challenges on social media since publicizing their relationship.

Some fans have been accusing Artrine of using Babushka for fame, since he is younger and abled differently.

She shared that some people have been insulting her saying she is old enough to be his mother while others doubt their relationship.

She added that Babushka is a gentleman and he satisfies her in all ways and that she loves him and she doesn’t care about what people say regarding their relationship.

” We are so perfect together, he gives me everything I want I am so satisfied.” She said.


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