Otile Brown slams Coke Studio and claims they cannot afford him to represent Kenya in season 2

Otile Brown cites under payment as the reason he could not represent Kenya in Coke Studio season 2.

Musician Otile Brown has revealed why he decided to opt out of coke studio season two.

While promoting his new release, confessions ,Otile engaged with his fans on social media.https://sirikali.com/nikita-kering-and-khaligraph-jones-choosen-to-represent-kenya-in-season-2-of-coke-studio/

One fan asked about his thoughts on the selection of Kenyan artists to represent Kenya on Coke Studio Season Two.

In response, the singer expressed his opinion by saying

“Lol hawaja wai fika bei, ever since … wachukue Hao wanaotaka kuenda.”

Willy Paul and Scar Mkadinali are two other artists who have voiced out their opinion about the 2023 picks. The two used scathing online remarks to express their opinions.

Willy Paul wondered what criteria is used to select artist because he is among the artists who have been topping their charts.


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