Content creator Kinuthia talks about his weight loss journey

Content creator Kinuthia talks about his weight loss journey.

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has addressed why his weight has not reduced much even after undergoing gastric balloon weight loss procedure.

He has undergone gastric balloon weight loss procedure in November last year.

Speaking in an interview, he shared that the procedure was working for the first few months but he got tired of following the diet recommendations and workout routines.

“I don’t have the discipline to follow strict diet restrictions. I was also required to go to the gym to workout yet I wasn’t eating that well, it was hard I got tired.” he shared

The content creator said he has always been comfortable with his weight and he was just trying out something new and eventually decided it wasn’t for him.


The procedure cost him around Ksh 450,000 and he has revealed that in five days he had already lost 5kgs from 138 to 133kgs.

The balloon was removed after four months but by the end of that period he had given up on following the required instructions.

The gastric balloon procedure involves swallowing a balloon filled with saline solution. The balloon takes up part of the stomach which then reduces food intake.


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