Controversy around Kenya’s gospel artist jailed for theft

The controversy around Kenya’s gospel artist jailed for theft.

When you hear of a gospel artist, you think of them as the kindest and most generous people in the world. Then you come to ” Kenya’s gospel artists, ” and your opinion is the contrary. Why?? , you ask.

Throughout the years, Kenya’s gospel artists have been involved in numerous scandals that it came to a point Kenyans had enough. The likes of Bahati, Ringtone Apoko, and Willy Paul.

The gospel industry in Kenya has people questioning whether the artists are really serving God. It has been a while since gospel artists ventured into secular music. People listen to the music but the question lies if they still identify as gospel artists. Their reasons for the change have not been convincing and still raise eyebrows, with many people concluding they do it for the money.

The new scandal in town is of one artist by the name of Majomba, a local Kenyan gospel artist who was in jail for allegedly stealing Ksh 50,000. He was arraigned in court and was asked to either pay a sum of Ksh 100,000 as bail or be imprisoned for not less than three months.

He clearly did not have the money and was put behind bars. After staying in jail for a month he was able to raise the money and was released. During an interview, the artist said that his mom had helped him make bail by asking around for the money. He did not specify the source of the money.

Not long after, the artist made a public appeal for help. He said he needed money or his mother would be in trouble as the lender needed the money. Kenyans are known to have the spirit of unity.

As Kenyans were on the verge of offering help, another gospel artist by the name Weezdom came out and told Kenyans that he was the one who helped raise Majomba’s bail but not Majomba’s mother, and that Majomba was lying. He further added that Majomba is a conman.

The statement by Weezdom has raised eyebrows with many wondering what the problem could be with Kenya’s gospel artists.

Asking for help is not the problem. But why lie to get it?


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