“Ambia serikali ikupatie kazi,” Erick Omondi tells off guy looking for a job

Many of you have seen the way young men have been taking to the streets of Nairobi with placards, filled with sweet words begging for hand-outs and free opportunities from celebrities? Well, some of the Kenyan celebrities are clearly getting angry with this and have come out to say so.

It started with this young man who took to Nairobi CBD with a huge placard with words directed specifically to Jalang’o .
“I have rent arrears of three months, six thousand each. Please help me Jalang’o.”it said.
Some took this request as lazy, others lauded the man for having the courage to publicly ask for help from the generous public figure. Either way, Jalas, came out to help the young man with Ksh 18, 000 for the full three-month rent.
This “borrowing” thing started When Omosh appeared in an interview, crying out asking to be helped by fellow celebrities and fans. After his successful plea, some Kenyans saw this as a quick way out of their endless troubles.
Jalang’o seems to be the easy target as most of these guys never fail to mention him on those placards. The latest street placard request however was directed to one celebrity who doesn’t seem eager to tolerate this behaviour.

During the weekend, young man took to the same streets of Nairobi with a placard and a request. The young man seems to have a not-so-good history with comedian Eric Omondi and his studio.
The guy who is apparently a musician/rapper requested Eric Omondi to fund his music career through the placard with hopes that the comedian will come through, and if not, Jalas is there.This didn’t go well as the popular comedian took to social media, asking the young man whether it is his right to be assisted by him.
“Kwani ni by force?” asked Eric Omondi.
It seems Kenyans were just waiting for one celebrity to state that they have had enough of this behavior because after Eric Omondi made this comment, Kenyans went all out on the young man.
“Huyu si Juzi alisema anataka sugar mummy,” asked YY
On the same piece, another fan commented that ever since Omosh was helped by Jalang’o and friends, online beggars have emerged in great numbers for easy hand-outs.

Good-hearted Jalang’o too wasn’t left behind as he was recently attacked on social media by the same guy that he helped with the rent arrears. The ungrateful chap took to social media to claim that Jalang’o abused him. The insult that the young man was referring to was when Jalang’o innocently said,
“Young people need to get off their ass and work hard.”
Jalas could not believe the audacity the young man had.

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