Crazy Kennar Back on Social Media

Crazy Kennar Back on Social Media.


Comedian Crazy Kennar has made a surprising return to social media, receiving love and adoration from his fans after a period of absence.


Questions about his whereabouts since December 16 have now been answered with his comeback announcement. The 25-year-old shared a picture on Twitter, casually captioning “2024,” where he is seen sitting and washing clothes.


In the second part of his update, while dancing, he humorously remarked,


“I guess I am late for work. Let’s rock and roll then.”


Crazy Kennar had disappeared from the online scene after revealing on December 16 that his son had tragically passed away just four days before his scheduled Happy Country show.


In a circulating video, Kennar, visibly shaken, expressed the immense difficulty of facing such a heartbreaking tragedy while simultaneously preparing for a stand-up performance.



“I have gone through one of the hardest things. I was to come here as a father, but unfortunately, my son died four days ago. It has been a very tough journey for me because we had to go through that and at the same time, make the show,” he said.



Kennar further urged members of the audience to extend compassion and support to one another.


“Whenever you see someone walking and they are smiling, just go and ask them if they are okay. Let’s be our brother’s and sister’s keepers and love one another,” he emphasized.


Natalie shared how deeply she was grieving, adding that she was grieving a child she would never have a chance to hold.


“They say there’s no greater pain than childbirth, but I disagree. The greatest pain in the world is carrying and delivering a child that you never get to raise………..I don’t just grieve my son, I mourn never getting the chance to hear him cry, to hear him speak, teach him to walk and see him grow,” Natalie wrote.


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