Paul Mackenzie might be Free in a few Days

Paul Mackenzie might be Free in a few Days.


Shanzu court has issued a warning, stating that suspected cult-leader Paul Mackenzie and his 29 associates could be released if the Government does not file charges against them within the next two weeks regarding the Shakahola massacre.


Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda emphasized that the prolonged pre-trial detention of Mackenzie and his associates has reached a critical point, urging the state to take decisive action to conclude the matter.Pastor Ezekiel’s church deregistered alongside five other churches


In issuing the order, the Magistrate declared that it was unlawful for the Government to continue holding the suspects for an additional 180 days, considering that there has been sufficient time for the state to complete its investigations.


“If no decision to charge the respondents will have been made after the expiry of 14 days, the court will consider releasing the respondents from custody on terms that will be determined by this court,”  Magistrate Shikanda said.


Mackenzie and his accomplices have spent at least 117 days in police custody following the State’s request for a 180-day detention period for ongoing investigations.


The Magistrate emphasized that the extended period has been a lengthy journey that must now reach its conclusion.


“The respondents have been in custody for over three months. It has been a long journey that must now come to an end, at least for this phase,” the Magistrate added.


The State had sought the 180 day detention to facilitate the identification of over 400 bodies unearthed from Shakahola, currently housed in a makeshift morgue in Malindi.


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