Crazy Kennar crew member’s unfollow him on Instagram

Crazy Kennar crew member’s unfollow him on Instagram

Kenyans have started speculating that all is not well with ‘Tales of Crazy Kennar’ cast members after recent developments.

Crew members Africas (Shiro) and Bushra Sakshi have unfollowed the content creator on Instagram.

It was however noted that Crazy Kennar is still following the two actresses on social media platforms.

In previous interviews, Kennar had disclosed the roles of each cast member.

Shiro portrays the character of the ‘Kienyeji Girl’ or traditional girl in different videos around Crazy Kennar’s posts.

Bushra on the other hand is in charge of research and analysis of content online to determine how the audience engages with their videos online.

Months ago, another crew member Stanley Omondi parted ways with the content creator.

Stanley Omondi however dismissed rumours that he had a fall out with Kennar.

Speaking on Instagram, Stanley Omondi said he is a cinematographer as well as an entertainer and he does well behind the camera and for the team, he decided to work behind the camera.


The actor said rumours have been circulating on social media that Kennar dropped the men from his team and decided to work with the girls.

Omondi was Kennar’s high school classmate at Ringa Boys and also at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).


Where he was pursuing Bachelors of Science in Analytical Chemistry. Stanley had graduated in 2021.

In 2022, content creator Stephen Otieno, better known as Useful Idioty left the group.

Stephen was a common feature on the Tales of Crazy Kennar platform until fans started noticing his absence from new content.

He was a funny actor in the Tales of Crazy Kennar videos portraying the silly characters doing facials and situational comedy that really resonated with the audience.

After leaving his former group The Tales of Crazy Kennar, Otieno said that he chose to launch his solo career,


adding that there was no bad blood between him and the group’s leader Kennar.

Useful Idioty has also been working with other creatives groups and individually as well.


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