MIB terminates contract with Stevo Simple Boy

MIB terminates contract with Stevo Simple Boy after his wife came out that they are mistreating him.

MIB, the management label managing musician Stevo Simple Boy, has decided to terminate the contract they have with the rapper.https://sirikali.com/stevo-simple-boys-wife-says-the-musician-is-struggling-financially/

The management earlier today shared a notice addressed to the musician, informing him of their decision to stop working together.

According to the management, the termination is in accordance to the law and it follows all protocols.

They requested the musician to cooperate during the transition period.

” Termination of the contract will be effective from 31st July so we have 35 days of tabling both parties’ interests for smooth transition. During the process, all projects will be paused and a lawful process of events will be followed in accordance.” it read.

Earlier, Stevo’s wife Grace Atieno called out the management for mistreating Stevo and taking advantage of him because he is a quiet person.https://sirikali.com/krg-the-don-warns-stevo-simple-boy/

According to Grace, the management took over Stevo’s social media accounts, phonecalls, bank account, mpesa and have been making it look like the musician is living a good life yet he is suffering.

Grace Atieno claimed that Stevo’s manager Vaga Genius has been threatening the musician with the consequences terminating the contract and Stevo has been acting like he is okay since he is afraid of arrest.


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