Diana Marua claps back at haters

Diana Marua claps back at haters

Diana Marua has responded to critics and those who have been wishing her ill.

Diana shared a post on social media, proving that she is not swayed or shaken by negative energy and she will continue being successful no matter what people have to say about her.

“The fact that you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean they won’t succeed. God is not from you village 😝 .”she wrote

Diana has continued using the stones that trolls throw at her, to build her brand thus becoming more successfull.

For the past few days, The Bahati’s have been under criticism.

This started after the couple shared photos on social media, as they celebrated their son’s fourth birthday.

The family portrait was manipulated and their children linked with Kenyan male celebrities, Victor Wanyama, Abel Mutua and KRG the Don.

The Photoshop attracted various reactions from Kenyans who felt it was wrong to drag innocent children in such matters.

Diana was later trolled for her choice of outfit while posing for a photo with her teenage son Morgan Bahati.

Some fans called her out claiming that the dress was inappropriate for a mother-son Photoshoot.

Days before the birthday, Diana Marua was trending after she was captured on video dancing with Terence Creative. Prior to that, she was Criticized for partying with KRG the Don.

Bahati has continued showing love and support for his family amid the ongoing drama, he expressed his love for Diana Marua and acknowledged that Morgan will forever be his son.


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