Otile Brown considers quitting music if his next album flops

Otile Brown talks about quitting music if his next album flops

Musician Otile Brown has shared that he has expectations for his next album since he believes he’s worked hard for it.

On his IG, he said his album has to make it to at least top 3 best albums in Africa or else he will quit music.

“I got too much game on my upcoming album ,real life experience and ish #rawwww..it has to make it to at least top 3 best album in africa “ just to be fair” or else l am quitting music.” he said

The musician said he is a genuine person and he is not blackmailing his fans for support.

He added that he is not chasing clout and the love he shares with his fans is real.

In a recent interview, Otile reacted to Tanzanian music being loved by Kenyans more than they do to their own artistes.

He also responded to people who claim that he is not releasing music like he used to before.

The musician said those people who think his music is not good just because it’s not trending, are not the type of fans he wants by his side.

Last month, Otile Brown revealed he opted out of coke studio season two because they did not give him the right price and he let them select those who wanted to go.


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