Dj Krowbar appeals for financial help for his wife

Dj Krowbar appeals for financial help for his wife.

Popular Kenyan entertainer Dj Krowbar has appealed for financial support for his wife Wanjiru Karumba who is to undergo a kidney transplant.

On his socials the DJ revealed that his wife is set to undergo the last procedure of her kidney surgery, a process that requires Ksh 6,000,000.

“We are in the last laps of a season (a very long season). This is when the body is feeling it properly. The goal is to finish. PS: Thanks in advance.” he wrote

The mother of three was diagnosed with acute kidney injury two years ago and she has been on dialysis ever since.

Last year, the DJ celebrated his wife’s birthday in a special way.

He revealed that her kidneys are functioning below 15% but they are believing that she’ll beat the disease.

“Babe, I am glad we are together in this storm; we are in the fire but God has covered us with grace so we don’t smell like smoke. And another thing babe, I am convinced one day, this season will be a testimony for many to be encouraged out there.” he said

He also asked his fans to keep his wife in their prayers.

According to their joint post anyone who’s willing to help them achieve their Ksh 6,000,000 target can channel their contributions through paybill 4116415 and account number as 3.


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