Kamene Goro comes clear about being pregnant

Kamene Goro comes clear about being pregnant.

Media personality Kamene Goro has responded to claims that she is pregnant with her first child with husband DJ Bonez.

She shared a photo on her IG, however, fans took to the comment section to congratulate her.

To her response, Kamene said she was shocked and amused with the comments.

She added that she is not pregnant, and that the whole world would know from the first day.

“So I woke up this Morning to a whole bunch of hateful, ignorant comments on my last post, and I’m floored and amused. I will never understand how it is ones first instinct to be hateful or mean and the crazy assumptions some of you want to place on MY life. It shocks and amuses me. I’m not pregnant, if I was trust the whole world would know from day one, not that I need to explain that.” she wrote

She also responded to body shamers by saying she loves her body and she does not owe anyone the body they expect her to be having.

“I love my body with all its curves and edges, I owe nobody the kind of body you want or expect me to have, let’s just get that straight. Babygirl ako tu sawa, living the life I’ve always wanted to live, so how about this morning you start working towards living the kind of life you want to live and stop living with that hate in you, utaanza kuchapa.” she added

This is however not the first time Kamene Goro is addressing pregnancy rumors.

Days after getting married to DJ Bonez, she came out to clear the air regarding her alleged pregnancy.

In 2022, Kamene said most of her peers were asking her to start thinking about having children but she was not yet ready.


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