Too soon?! Nick Ndenda takes Betty Kyallo to meet his parents

The news of Betty Kyallo dating again came as a surprise to many. Betty Kyallo had just been in another relationship with her Somali boyfriend few months before she was spotted out in public with her new catch, Nick Ndenda.

Nick Ndenda is a city lawyer, farmer and entrepreneur from Kisumu who is still legally married, but separated from his wife. The first sighting of Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndenda was at Nick’s apartment. An anonymous source had revealed that they had been seeing Betty drop in frequently at their apartment buildings, which also happens to be Nick’s residence.

It was confirmed that the two were dating when they were captured giving goodbye kisses. Betty Kyallo has been known to move on very fast from her exes. The TV presenter ‘s first Known public relationship was with fellow presenter Dennis Okari whom she allegedly cheated on with the Governor of Mombasa Ali Joho.

Since then she has been in several public relationships until recently when she started dating the city lawyer. It has come out that days ago Nick Ndenda and Betty Kyallo went to Kisumu, Nick’s home where she met his parents. The news has raised a lot of speculations with people thinking they could be moving too fast.

Do you think it is too soon for Betty to meet Nick’s parents? Are they going too fast.

Let us know in the comment section below.


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