Gospel artist Mr. Seed and wife reconcile after his philander that sired a child outside marriage

Singer Mr Seed and his wife, Nimo Gachuiri were showcasing their love at his recent album launch party and looked adorable.

The launch of the album ‘Black Child’ was a success with notable people turning up to show support. The interest of everyone’s narrative however, was his relationship with Nimo Gachuiri.

People wanted to know the when and how? It was with good reason as in the past, courtesy of the tea master Edgar Obare Mr. Seed had been exposed as having strayed from the marriage with another woman.

The revelation kicked up a storm that threatened their relationship .The scandal was blown out of proportion even further when it emerged that the lady in question was months pregnant with Mr. Seed’s baby.

Mr. Seed met the coastal woman on social media and was in an affair with her for a while. When the woman found out she was pregnant, she asked Mr. Seed to sent her money, which he sent Ksh 4000 to fund her abortion. She did not proceed as planned saying the money was too little and instead spent the money on shopping.

She decided to go ahead and keep the baby but things didn’t work out in her favor. Mr. Seed refused to entertain her and chose to remain with his wife Nimo. He insisted he would only be paying child support , after a paternity test.

Nimo Gachuiri stood strong in her dignified silence through it all without saying a word but she started moving different by not posting photos of Mr seed,  and only uploaded content about business, herself and their little child.

This fuelled not just assumptions but gossip too for online in-laws who were very curious. To actually see the two at the album launch , not only having survived infidelity but come from it much stronger got some applaud.

It is a testament that when two people want to choose love, nothing can stand in their way,well we wish them all the best.


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